Talismans, Sold Separately

Talismans, Sold Separately

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Already have your own chain? The Men's Egypsea talismans can fit on most small to medium sized chains. Discover the meanings of each talisman below:

Eye of Horus Talisman - The all seeing Eye of Horus represents the sun (light) and the moon (darkness), and serves as a symbol of protection.  Talisman is 30mm in height, including bail.

Adoring Eye Talisman Man adoring the revered eye. More than just the organ for sight, the eye in ancient Egyptian culture was believed to be an instrument of protection, healing, and action. Talisman is 29mm in height, including bail. 

Scarab Talisman The Scarab Talisman is associated with Khepri, the god of creation, and is seen as a symbol of existence, manifestation, transformation, and effectiveness.

Owl Talisman - Representing the letter 'M' in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the owl was believed to protect spirits as they passed from one world to another, and was respected for its keen sense of sight and exceptional hunting skills. Talisman is 30mm in height, including bail.

Hemipristis Serra Tooth- Once in abundance throughout the world's oceans the hemipristis serra shark became extinct around 20 million years ago. Similar to the Egypsea talismans this shark tooth talisman is like a beautiful artifact from long ago, carefully preserved for generations to come. Available in small and large size - 29mm and 34mm in height, including bail
Wax impressions of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs have been modified and transformed into a wearable pieces of art through the lost wax casting process. Each piece is uniquely made by hand and is available in matte oxidized sterling silver.
    • Please contact us and provide your chain dimensions and size of clasp prior to purchasing a talisman so we can confirm that it will fit on your chain