The Artist

Alex is the founder and designer of Alex Hossick Collections. Alex was born in Maryland and spent her summers in Delaware where she developed her sense of adventure and love of nature and the sea. She spent her younger years sewing handbags and clothes, stringing beaded necklaces, and selling to friends, family, and retail stores – thus beginning her early career as an artist and business woman.
Her passion for creating led her to study both Metals & Jewelry and Fibers at the Savannah College of Art and Design where she fell in love with designing and making jewelry. After graduation she was immersed in the jewelry industry designing for luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. for 4 years fine tuning her skills and further defining her own aesthetic. Anxious to expand her horizons Alex left Tiffanys to design for Tory Burch, basking in the playfulness and possibilities that fashion jewelry had to offer. She now works as the Design Director for the luxury jewelry brand John Hardy in Bali, Indonesia where she revels in the process of artisan crafted fine jewelry made entirely by hand.
Throughout her tenure in the design industry, Alex has slowly built her brand to where it is today. She is excited to share her work with you and thanks you for following her journey.


Her Work

Heavily influenced by the natural world, Alex creates jewelry and objects that embody the organic forms and intricate textures evident in living organisms and created by nature's forces. Alex’s distinctive perception of the natural world is evident in her work, and her artistic expression is achieved through a unique combination of hand carving and 3D computer modeling. The vivid colors and corals of the sea and the unmatched perfection of the urchin have become her muse, combined with the influence of the human touch.