Sizing Guide

How do I know my correct ring size?

We suggest having your finger(s) measured professionally a few times at a reputable jeweler to establish an average as well as to decide the fit you are comfortable with. A ring should hug your finger but be loose enough to slide over your knuckle. The best time of day to have your finger(s) measured is in the evening when your finger(s) are at their largest. (Make sure your fingers are warm as measurement can be off by a half of a ring size).  Of note, a wider band will feel tighter than a narrower band and we recommend ordering a full size larger than your normal ring size for wide band rings.  We don’t advise the use of plastic or printable ring sizers, as these can be inaccurate. If you are buying as a gift, we suggest you take a ring of his/hers to a jeweler to determine size before purchasing.  

What if I get my ring size wrong?

If you find that the ring does not fit, please email If the piece is able to be re-sized, you can ship the ring back and it will be adjusted. This will incur a re-sizing fee of $20, plus the cost of shipping. 

How do I know my correct bangle size?

To ensure you order the correct bangle size please follow the directions below: 

  1. Make a fist with the hand on which you intend to wear the bangle and place your closed fist on a flat surface.
  1. Have someone measure the width between the middle of your first knuckle and middle of your fourth knuckle with soft measuring tape, pulling tight to ensure an accurate fit.
  1. If your measurement is LESS than 62cm, a SMALL would fit best.  If your measurement is between 62cm and 67cm a MEDIUM would fit best.  If your measurement is between 67cm and 72cm a LARGE would fit best. If your measurement is greater than 72cm, you will have to place a custom order.