Hieroglyph Band Ring
Hieroglyph Band Ring
Hieroglyph Band Ring
Hieroglyph Band Ring

Hieroglyph Band Ring

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The Hieroglyph Band Ring is comprised of a series of hand carved symbols representing the “language of the gods” carefully crafted to combine modern simplicity and an ancient art. Discover the meanings of the symbols below:

ScarabThe Scarab Talisman is associated with Khepri, the god of creation, and is seen as a symbol of existence, manifestation, transformation, and effectiveness.

EyeMore than just the organ for sight, the eye in ancient Egyptian culture was believed to be an instrument of protection, healing, and action.

OwlRepresenting the letter 'm' in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, the owl was believed to protect spirits as they passed from one world to another, and was respected for its keen sense of sight and exceptional hunting skills.

VultureThe Egyptian vulture was not only sacred to Egyptian culture and protected by the Pharaohs, but also represents the letter “A” in Egyptian hieroglyphs

Uraeus - A rearing cobra symbolizing sovereignty, royalty, and divine authority. The Vulture and Cobra played an important role in the Early history of ancient Egypt. Referred to as the ‘Two Ladies’, they represented the unification of the lands of ancient Egypt.

Wax impressions of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs have been modified and transformed into wearable pieces of art through the lost wax casting process. Each piece is uniquely made by hand and is available in 14k yellow gold, sterling silver, and oxidized sterling silver. 

    • available in size 3.75 and size 8
    • other sizes unavailable at this time
    • ring is 11mm in band width