Happy New Year!

As we wrap up the Holidays and begin 2019 I wanted to take the time to say…

Hello, Thanks, and Happy New Year!

It has been a while and I hope that everyone has had a fantastic 2018. The holidays always make me reflect on all that I have to be thankful for - amazing family, friends, and the best customers an artist can ask for! I hope you and your families had a very Happy Holiday and that you will have an even better New Year!

I truly appreciate all of your support over the past (almost) decade and I thank you for your patience as it has taken me (almost) a whole year to send an update since moving to Bali. It has been a wild ride over here and I have been soaking up every minute - hence my lack of communication!

Most of my time here in Bali has been spent working at John Hardy, TRAVELING, surfing, exploring, gathering inspiration and working on my next collection. Living in Southeast Asia has been amazing! Bali has such a rich culture and outstanding natural beauty that it has been difficult to sit down at the workbench for hours on end. There is so much to see and do, and not enough time in the day! That being said…

My new collection is very much ‘in progress’ and unfortunately I don’t have any physical jewelry pieces to show…YET. However, there has been A LOT of inspiration and ideation happening and now I just need to sit down at my new workbench and get to work! For those who are interested I am anticipating presenting this new collection in

Summer 2019

Thanks again for your continued support,