Let's See the Dragons!

I decided to take a little trip to see the Komodo Dragons at Komodo National Park in May 2018. This island is an island off the coast of Flores. Exploring Komodo National Park was one of the most exciting trips I have taken and it was only 5 days! There was so much to do and see. I started off on a boatel (boat hotel) called “Le Pirate” where I snorkeled and paddled around “monkey island”. Next was a liveaboard trip exploring the islands of Rinca and Komodo to see the ancient Komodo Dragons and meet the locals in a fishing village. Also hiking up Padar and catching the sunset and diving with sting rays, sharks, turtles, majestic manta rays, and fishes galore! Some of the most vibrant colors I’ve ever seen underwater - an explosion of neon! Next was watching the “flying foxes” (large fruit bats) take to the sky in the thousands at sunset - a ritual done every day from the protected mangroves to the island of Flores in search of food. There was also the ‘pink beach’ which got it’s name from the tiny pieces of red coral that mix with the white sand to create a beautiful pink hue. An unforgettable adventure!


Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island


The top deck of Le Pirate Boatel. This place was super cute and I loved the bright colors!


View of the sunset from my room on the Boatel - no filter applied. To the left is “Monkey Island”


Fishing Village on Rinca Island. Loved the vibrant colors and friendly people!


The view from the top of Padar Island. Not the easiest hike up there, but well worth the view.


Diving in Komodo is really beautiful! Really amazing colors and rich biodiversity!


Diving with Manta Rays! I was lucky to get super close to this guy, who was just lounging around


The flight of the “flying foxes” from a Mangrove Island to Flores in search of food. These are large fruit bats and they fly by the thousands every day during sunset.


A Pink Beach on one of the islands off of Flores. There were actually many pink beaches that we came across, but this one had the strongest pink hue. The tiny pieces of red coral mixed with white sand are what create the pink color.